The first song i wrote

7/7/2017. It was a beautiful day. After watching a short part of movie ” The perfect man ” on TV, I was inspired to compose a song – a first song i wrote. I think it’s a crazy song. It’s play on capo 4 frets on guitar with chords: G-Em-Cadd9-D.
I don’t think of its name.
I wonder, I don’t wonder
You are my life
I know, I don’t know
You are my life.
I used to say don’t love anyone til you’ve into my life
I used to say : Forever alone till i’ve seen your smile.
In my mind, in my dreams, here are you.
Whether I’m sad or happy, thinking of you.
So i say :
” Why are you bugging me out ?
Going out with a new boyfriend
Please tell me whatever you want
I will bring all things for you.”
You wonder, you don’t wonder
I love you
You know, you don’t know
You whispered :” Oh my boy, you’re a sweet boy”
You whispered you’re happy when you sat next to me.
One day, you sat next to me and you whispered :
” I don’t love you, just like you. We are friends forever”
And I say: Ok


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